From NASGA- Hawaiian Health Care Law could help Families and their Elderly loved ones big time

A Hawaiian law awaiting the governor’s signature could influence eldercare legislation for the rest of the United States after local leaders push for a bill that aims to aid family caregivers. If passed, the law would be the first of its kind in the U.S. to provide funds to family members who hold down jobs and act as caregivers — promising up to $70 a day in help from home aids.

With trained caregiver hourly rates teetering between roughly $10 and $12, this kind of assistance would give caregivers time to pick up overtime at work, take care of children, run errands, and provide care while they’re not around.

Families Who Need the Help Most Can’t Afford It

This funding is also important because many times families who need the most help cannot afford it. “In Hawaii, we’ve heard time and again that it’s not wealthy people that are…

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