From Ken Ditkowsky–jurisdiction is a serious matter and the Mary Sykes case was a Fraud on the Court that never should have happened and the ARDC covered up, and continues to cover up, a fixed case

And when Illinois licensed Lawyers spoke out about the lack of jurisdiction (no service upon Mary Sykes or her younger daughter or 2 elderly sisters), and made the information known widely and publicly on blogs and to the authorities (FBI and states attorneys) the ARDC went after Denison and Ditkowsky lock stock and barrel.  Ms. Denison was suspended 3 years for revealing the mass of corruption, and Mr. Ditkowsky 4 years.  The Illinois Supreme Court still refuses to remedy the situation, and may well have been a part of it, noting their public stance on the issues (numerous motions to Reconsider filed by Denison are responded to not with a full opinion, not with any Justices’ signature, but a simple “denied.”
From Ken Ditkowsky–
What is good for the goose is not necessary considered to be good for the gander.
The Federal and State Constitutions plus a bunch of statutes…

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