From NASGA – brave state worker releases info on “boarding homes” for the disabled and is met with wrongful discharge

You know this is going on in Illinois, but you also know the OPG would rather die (probably the OSG, but I have real complaints from the OPG and have seen the dumps where they force the elderly to live in horrible, horrible conditions, their entire social security check is taken from them and they are fed just 2 sandwiches per day.

What does the OPG care about these people?  They’re poor, they have no clout, no one cares and if the person under guardianship fusses, they’ll be taken to a hospital or locked down nursing home and drugged to death.  Just like Jay Brouckmeersch, false documents will be filed the person is a persistent vegetative state and food and water must be withdrawn–apparently the OPG and OSG get to do that–without a court order. Who knew?

So take a look at the below and thank this brave lady for…

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