From Ken Ditkowsky–new SCOTUS cases uphold broad interpretation of 1st amendment rights

With regard to the Lanre Amu case, a lawyer who discovered that Judge Lynn Egan was granting far too many motions to certain litigants appearing before her.  Attorney Amu discovered that certain litigants were being represented by Judge Lynn Egan’s brother’s law firm and this appeared to help that firm win many questionable motions.  Of course, Judge Lynn Egan isn’t supposed to have her brother or his law firm appearing before her.  That would be unethical.  So Crain’s Chicago Business conducted an investigation and found that not only that was true, but Judge Egan was sitting on the Board of various suburban hospitals and also hearing their cases and again,  motions were being won by the defendant hospitals far too many times.  The hospitals kicked Judge Egan off their Boards and apologized for the corruption.
Nothing has happened to Judge Egan for all of this, oh, and in addition, when…

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