Great new series on Netflix-“the Keepers”

Either watch this 7 part series on Netflix, or get to a friend’s home and watch it.

Back in 1969, a nun and a 19 year old woman were brutally murdered and their bodies dumped in a sleeping surburban town that saw little or no crime.

Keough was the Catholic School where hundreds of teen girls were abused by 2 Priests and their friends and buddies–with the girls suffering brutal repeated rapes.

One priest was raping boys at another school, the mother found out and demanded the school do something and they did, they transferred the priest to Keough!

Why do I recommend the movie?  The case received unprecedented attention, a massive “investigation” was undertaken, thousands of documents recovered, scores of people interviewed, the state, local and county governments collected information and documents and even the FBI (the murders occurred on military installations for training soldiers so the FBI had…

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