From Karen Federighi–Listen to her story 5/26 at 10 pm EST

As many of you know, Karen Federighi is a smart nurse with advanced degrees and who was teaching CNE (Continuing Nursing Eduction) and working 2 jobs when a greedy relative produced some bogus reports and in under an hour, she was declared incompetent by the State of Florida.  No one would do anything to help her and the State “professional” guardian took all her ID’s, her bank accounts, all her personal belonging and her home, and kept her in a hotel.  The reason? She is due an inheritance. So Karen escaped to another country. She posts nearly every day on Facebook and if you think she is incompetent, then you’re for sure ready for a real guardianship.

She has been struggling every day to get out of the guardianship. But none of the lawyers, the judges and of course the “professional” guardian will let her, so she just escaped to…

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