From Ken Ditkowsky–Judges for sale!

When Operation Greylord scandal made the media, not a lawyer in Cook County, Illinois was surprised.   We all had learned to grin and bear it, and hope that our cases would be routed toward the Judges who would give us level playing field and an honest decision.   Most of us knew the ‘crooks,’ the occasionally crooked, and those who had integrity.   The latest two categories encompassed the large majority of the judiciary.    Thus, they system functioned and served as the escape valve of our society.    When you appeared before one to the crooks you tried your case for appeal and prayed.
As my career closed out after more than 1/2 a century the level playing field still existed but it was bit more difficult to feel that a fair shake was in the offing.   I personally was fortunate and until I found myself on…

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