From Dr. Klimek on the rising rate of teen girl suicide

to jdenison
Hi JoAnne:

Here is an article published in a reputable journal.   It’s on the “surprising” increase in suicide of adolescent girls.  Because sexual abuse is sooo harmful and difficult to admit to anyone (a common PTSD symptom)  they usually act out their pain and their shame.  Just wanted you to know the bigger picture of all this early abuse, if you hadn’t been aware of it. That’s all.  ***** speaks so highly of you that I’m glad you are working with him.  He’s a miracle in his own right.

Sincere regards,


Kevin, M.D.

Why Are Suicide Rates Rising?

Completed attempts are just the tip of the iceberg

  • by Christopher Johnson MD
  • April 13, 2017
Those of us who work in pediatric intensive care have frequent encounters with the problem of suicide and attempted suicide. It has seemed to me for some years that the…

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