A question from Julitte Fairley–Did Larkin really allow Miriam Solo to mine Alice Gore’s 29 gold teeth?


And why wasn’t she disbarred.  For sure this is how the Nazi’s started.

yep he sure did and you can watch bev cooper talk about it on her shows.  Go to you tube and search for our names, “joanne denison” and “bev cooper” and “north shore live” and “ken Ditkowsky”.  JL is an evil, evil man.  File a complaint against Miriam Solo aka Solotevich and see how it gets dismissed.

Alice Gore was separated from 20+ friends and family for over 10 months.  She was put in a locked down nursing home, Warren Barr on Oak Street in Chicago.  Her daughter wanted to take her home and care for her there.  MS would not allow it.  Bev had to drive 30 min each way to see her mother from Highland Park (Google the trip), then when she saw her mom after 10 months, they pulled 29 gold teeth and put…

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