From Lyle Harrison on the State of his corrupt case in Moultrie County with Judges Flannell and Broch

(this was in response to an alumni event invitation)
Dear Laura and Kettering Alumni Committee!
I hope you are well.  I sincerely wish I could attend this Alumni dinner, there is nothing more that I desire to do, but help my alma mater Kettering University and its outstanding Alumni succeed.  I will do my utmost now and in the future to help Kettering succeed.  I regret to tell you I cannot attend this lunchmeeting with President Robert McMahan, the Board, and the Kettering family for the sad reasons below.
My family and I have been sued in several court cases for about 6 years now because we refused to sign away to Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell our Trust property.(+1,400 Acres) My family is fighting alone the entire corrupt legal system in the 6th judicial circuit; specifically Corrupt Judge Dan L. Flannell and his best friend and…

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