From Elena Federova–How pro se litigants are really treated in the courtroom

From Elena:
All Soviet Union and North Korea jurists would be very  jealous of Cook County Court TODAY’s corruption and blatant discrimination of civil right against certain groups of people, who are not  welcomed to this Court because judges expect to see paying clients.
As a ProSe litigant in Cook County Court I very quickly learned that I am a “secondary class” person who “was directed to hire a lawyer to be fairy heard” (judge Griffin). In other words, Judge Griffin created a sub-class of citizens who can be only fairy heard when they have a lawyer.  Griffin, who openly fixed my case and whom I highly suspect in bribes, was promoted to a Supervising Judge in Law Division.
According to Judge Hambring, I am “nothing in this Court because [I] don;’t have a lawyer”. My file is his “dummy file” – this he yelled in my face…

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