Request to Publish from Paul Abramson on Judge Pantle and problems in his case

January 22nd 2016
Honorable Timothy C. Evans, Circuit Judge Chief Judge
Daley Center, 50 W. Washington St., Rm. 2600, Chicago, Illinois 60602
RE Notice of Judicial impropriety case 13 CH 17457, (Abramson v Abramson)
Your Honor
I am writing you at the advice of retired attorney Bernard Hammer
My name is Paul Abramson and I am the Defendant being sued in Chancery court (judicial notice case 13 CH 17457) by my father and well known Chicago attorney Floyd Abramson for alleged breach of contract arising out of the settlement of my late mother’s estate (judicial notice case 08P000335). The reason for my communication is because I believe the Judge assigned to the Chancery case, Judge Kathleen Pantle has been intentionally engaging in a course of conduct through out this case that favors the Plaintiff and is prejudicial to my case and a violation of my civil rights as follows:
1 Judge Pantle allowed without good cause…

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