From WSJ and Ken Ditkowsky–Feds arrest Corp Officers involved in Opioid drug kickbacks to docs

Of course, everyone knows that the main revenue stream keeping Elder Cleansing alive is the over use of opiods and psych drugs on the elderly and disabled.

Only one problem, the use of psych drugs and opiods in elders and disableds comes with a black box warning against such use by the FDA and is highly illegal.

Probate courts condemn the elderly to slums and ghettos called “nursing homes” who then drug the patients to death.  If they resist, they are held down and shot up with halodol (Wyman and Teichert).  No one stops this.  If Protective Family members protest, they are smeared and called felons, drug addicts (when it’s the probate judges and attorneys forcing illegal drugs on seniors and disableds) and they are threatened.

Look at this indictment and see why it is nearly impossible to stop the machine, until people get fed up and light a…

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