From Ken Ditkowsky on covering up Illinois corruption in government

On 2016-11-19 09:06, ‘kenneth ditkowsky’ via Lawsters wrote:
Yesterday I received an e-mail from my daughter which I forwarded by e-mail to everyone in sight.    (Analysis of the election continues, noting that many candidates did well by simply challenging the establishment).
What is so wrong with the establishment?     Why is “establishment” such a dirty word?      The e-mail that I forwarded points out in simple words of one syllable the answer.      Political correctness.     It is now politically correct to abuse, exploit, and dehumanize the elderly and disabled, however, it is not politically correct to talk about it.
When Diane Nash, an icon of the Civil Rights movement sought to obtain the public accommodation of attending one of the kangaroo hearings involving the demonization of Attorney JoAnne Denison, she was barred from the hearing.    How was this act of racial discrimination rationalized?     It was not – the agent of the…

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