From Ken Ditkowsky–Jerome Larkin must either fish or cut bait!

Subject: Time for Jerome Larkin to either fish or cut bait
Date: Nov 14, 2016 3:19 PM
During the last Presidential campaign the two candidates for President concentrated on demonizing their opponents.   Each portrayed their opponent in the most derogatory manner possible.   Some of the comments were fair, others were unfair, and still others were downright improper.    Unfortunately, this Presidential campaign was and is not the only forum in which such obscenity occurs.
Just so that we cannot be properly accused of similar conduct, I think we ought to offer Jerome Larkin a public opportunity to explain the Lanre Amu case wherein we have accused him of gross racial discrimination and in particular obtaining the suspension of Amu for practicing law while black.    At the very same time, we would like an explanation as to how it happened that Diane Nash was barred from the JoAnne…

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