From Huffington Post: Is Guardianship nothing but Human Trafficking?

The ARDC doesn’t think so, and if you protest that it is, the Illinois Supreme Court Backs up Jerome Larkin and the ARDC by saying it’s legal to own the elderly, force them into nursing homes against their will and fleece their estates with outrageous nursing home fees and legal fees.  And I’m sure at one time, many Illinois Lawyers and Judges stood behind state’s rights to enslave Africans and keep women from taking the bar exam or even being licensed as attorneys. The past is not always right.

Let’s see what the Huffington Post has to say on the issue:

Is Elder Guardianship A New Form Of Human Trafficking?

09/13/2016 01:25 pm ET

As the 71st session of the General Assembly of the United Nations begins this week to discuss international issues that affect the lives of millions throughout the world…

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