From Facebook–Chicago Board of Ethics met with lackluster enthusiasm by Chicago aldermen.

And in an article which is of absolutely no surprise to any Chicagoan:

The city of Chicago has a well-documented, longstanding, widespreadproblem with public corruption. The latest example can be found in the 20thWard, where Alderman Willie Cochran is under federal investigation for his use of campaign funds.

For reform-minded aldermen, annual budget hearings are an opportune time to address this problem. But at the Chicago Board of Ethics budget hearing Oct. 21, a mere 10 of 50 city aldermen bothered to show up.

During the budgeting process, politicians have the opportunity to publicly question city officials charged with keeping corruption in check as those officials justify their budgets. But at the Board of Ethics hearing, aldermen did not ask a single question.

Instead, Alderman Anthony Beale, 9th Ward, played “Go Cubs, Go” from his cellphone in reference to the board’s recent ruling

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