NOW Pre Order Galley Copies of Theresa Tozzo Lyle’s Book 65 Minutes, a tale of Murder and Torture in Guardianship

Pre sales Galley copies are $25 each and you can text a check to 773-255-7608, or fax a check to 312-553-1300 or email one to or use Facebook debit card transfer to my Facebook Account.

Teresa’s story is about how she tried to lovingly care for her mother while the probate vultures churned the bills and drained her mother’s estate. Her mother wanted to live at home with Teresa in her final years, but the guardianship court in Florida prohibited it, and nasty, evil Guardians took over her life and her mother’s life.

The book contains pictures of her mother bruised and tortured until the end.

If you have relatives that don’t believe you when they say the guardianship court is just in it for the money and professional guardians are nothing but evil, this is the book for you.

The book will soon be out on Lulu, Amazon…

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