From Ken Ditkowsky on the need for more courtwatchers

A few years ago here in Illinois the League of Woman Voters sent their members out to be ‘court watchers.’   The Court watchers reported some of the outrageous actions that were evident is some of the Courts.   The constant pressure brought a measure of reform that has since dissipated.     
The Court watcher makes the Court proceeding more open and does create a small deterrent.    Criminal prosecutions of really corrupt judicial officials is more difficult as the Judges are part of a corrupt system that protects its own; however, it is possible when particular judges are targeted.    The removal of corrupt judges is also possible if enough of a hue and cry is raised; however, the pressure has to be kept up and be unrelenting.   
To become a Judge in Cook County, the Chicago Tribune reported that a ‘cash payment’ has to be made…

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