From Ken Ditkowsky — More dirty tricks from Esformes and taking advantage of the poor and elderly

The following is a copy of an Article that was in today’s Chicago Tribune.
When Coupled with the Seth Gillman plea of guilty and the episodes with Omnicare the future for Philip Esformes is not bright.   From the sidelines we all have observed the fact that Seth Gillman is now co-operating with the Fed along with some of Philip’s other associates.   The obvious attempt to encourage Gillman not to co-operate by Jerome Larkin et al I am such was noticed by the Fed.   Nevertheless, I understand that he and others are forming a choirs and are scheduling a concert very soon at 219 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, Illinois.
It appears to me that the choir needs a tenor, and as Morris/Philip is aware of the activities of most of the other actors he could be a real help in ending the elder cleansing scandal.   It has…

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