From Ken Ditkowsky–NY Lawyer steals $5 million from clients, gets 6.5 years in prison

From Ken Ditkowsky–

Had this occurred in Illinois – assuming that the lawyer was part of the miscreant co-operative, Jerome Larkin would have covered this up and it would be ethically challenged to point it out!

 It is interesting to not e that when Lawyer Seth Gillman stole  over $100 million as part of his fraudulent hospice activity, there was no ARDC action when this was announced by an indictment–or when members of the public complained before the indictment.   When he pleaded guilty, Larkin and the IARDC were silent; however, when Gillman started to co-operate with the Federal Authorities – bingo! – the IARDC (Larkin) were before the Supreme Court of Illinois to get an interium suspension of Gillman’s license.    The miscreants in the Sykes case are still practicing law, even though about $3 million dollars has been stolen and the judge at page 91 of her…

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