From CNN–keeping the rich richer and the poor poorer via the Fed Reserve and the top banks

I have no idea why there aren’t mass protests and outrages over how we bail out the banks and they continue to steal and the Fed Reserve, our nations tyrannical oversight committee on ensuring theft via computer, has not been drummed out of town with tar and feathers on a rail. They do not protect consumers.  The courts always rule in favor of big banking, when these banksters should be in prison for theft, conversion and tresspass upon our hard earned money.

ATM and overdraft fees top $6 billion at the big 3 banks

chase atm

Ever taken out cash from an ATM machine and gotten socked with a $3 fee (or worse)? You probably weren’t thrilled about that.

Nobody likes those fees. Except banks.

America’s three biggest banks — JPMorgan Chase (JPM), Bank of America (BAC

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