Tim Lahrman is gone, prayers for him and his wife Cindy


It is with heavy heart I repost this. Tim was at my ARDC trial all the way from Indiana, and an ardent supporter, though we had many, many intellectual disputes.

From Atty Candice Schwager:

Thank you everyone for your prayers. Miracles happened. Tim stuck around a few days and His family and brother cried and apologized for taking 30 years of his life and rendering him dead in the eyes of the law. His girlfriend Cindy never got to marry him but she finally got a beautiful picture of them together when he started breathing again and life support removed all of those awful hoses and wires. A childhood friend wrote and said he knew he had little time due to heart and lung problems. I think his heart was broken. I should have known because the day our foundation logo was done and I had his vision, he…

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