From FOIA/OIIG–Patrick Blanchard is doing an outstanding job!

Dear Readers;

While we all know that Illinois is chock full of corruption, some officials are doing their jobs.  Read on what happened when Patrick Blanchard served subpoenas on the Assessor’s offices and they refused to answer saying OIIG had no authority.

It was a 3 to 0 decision by the 1st District Court of Appeals and I understand it is up with the Illionis Supreme Court right now–the same court that said unlicensed court reporters are okay, so who knows what will happen. This is the same court that ignores the fact an attorney must bring $150k in cash to the party chair to get elected–what is the quid pro quo for that one?

Click to access 1142857.pdf

Illinois Official Reports Appellate Court Blanchard v. Berrios, 2015 IL App (1st) 142857 Appellate Court Caption PATRICK M. BLANCHARD, in His Official Capacity as Independent Inspector General of Cook County, Plaintiff-Appellee…

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