From Atty Jeff Norkin–his summary of the problem of suppressing valid dissent against corruption in the courts

From Atty Jeffrey Norkin;

Great summary of the problem.

I spent 21 years representing victims of police brutality. I discovered, uncovered, exposed, and pursued retribution for numerous, major conspiracies to cover up and distort the truth about how and why defenseless people became gravely injured or dead at the hands of police and corrections officers, often in the public eye. I spent 21 years representing victims of commercial torts, often fighting powerful, wealthy corporations with no regard for anything other than their own profits.

What did I get after being deprived of over $40 million of rightful recoveries by blatantly illegal judicial rulings, mostly by Federal judges appointed by Republican politicians?

I was disbarred via two dictates of an entity which declared and declares itself above the law, and above the U.S. Constitution. In Florida, lawyer discipline is delegated to the people who populate our state Supreme Court. That group…

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