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CONFIRMED BY ILL. SUPREME COURT– YOU ARE VIEWINGTHE MOST DANGEROUS BLOG IN ILLINOIS. This blog is so dangerous it warranted a 3 year suspension by the IARDC and Jerome Larkin that crushes the dissent of honest attorneys–Denison, Ditkowsky and Amu! Our mottos: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant". Justice Louis Brandeis ; "If the truth can destroy something, then it deserves to be destroyed" Carl Sagan; "Justice is Truth in Action" Benjamin Disraeli. The more offensive the political speech, the more the Constitution must protect it. (jmd) NEW — THIS BLOG decried subversive "misconduct" as US govt moves to crush dissident attys via the IARDC. (Janet Phelan/Activist Post) The IARDC shouts out "BLAME the MEDIA" and "SHOOT the messengers!" The public responded, "THIS BLOG IS THE ESSENCE OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT." (censored ABA blog)

Justice for Everyone Blog

From Ken Ditkowsky-article on Chicago Judge hangs up her Robe


from the SunTimes

Mihalopoulos: Without clout, judge says no appeal in boring job

Retiring Judge Sheryl Pethers. Photo courtesy of Windy City Times.

Many of us — and probably all lawyers — fantasize about being elevated to the bench, wearing the black robes, getting called “your honor” and imparting our tough but wise decisions to cowering plaintiffs, defendants and counsel.

But it ain’t all that, if we’re to believe veteran Cook County Circuit Judge Sheryl Pethers.

Unless you’ve got the clout to get a prestigious courtroom assignment, Pethers says, being a judge in this county is “demoralizing” and often leaves you “bored out of your mind.”

In an email last month titled “Hanging Up the Robe,” Pethers announced her plan to retire at the end of her term in December and said she’ll leave the $187,000-a-year job with few regrets.

The email…

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