From Ken Ditkowsky–US Shame–Elderly Trafficking = Seniors for cash

From Ken Ditkowsky;
I promised Mr. Larkin when he first tried to silence me that I would not silenced and until the injustice again the victims of elder cleansing was properly addressed I will be heard and will use my First Amendment rights to the fullest.
This article is forwarded to all with the following purpose:
1) obtain justice for the Elderly and the disabled who are victims of the corrupt judges and lawyers engaged in the elder cleansing scandal
2) to call attention to the fact the scam of protecting social security is nothing but an excuse for not addressing the real problem , to wit:  The political and judicial elite are profiting from the elderly scandal and are using the IaRDC and other organizations to distract from the MAJOR crimes that are being perpetrated.    Esformes engaging in the alleged fraud and theft of a billion dollars in…

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