Breaking news–Dorothy Brown is going Down–big time

After several new articles in the Trib and Sun-times about corruption and pay to play with Dorothy Brown, a new lawsuit has survived a Motion to Dismiss brought before ND Illinois Federal Court Magistrate judge Valdez.

Earlier this year Atty Nejla Lane filed a most excellent complaint against Dorothy Brown and company for her “pay to play” system where Nejla’s Plaintiff went to the FBI and sung like a canary. Tweetie Bird would be proud.

You can find the complaint here:

You can find the Memorandum and Decision Order here:

Recently DB has been in the news for her corrupt friends, here’s a goat deal that went down:

A former employee in Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown’s office pleaded guilty Wednesday to lying to a federal grand jury investigating pay-to-play allegations in the clerk’s office.

In pleading guilty to one count of perjury, Sivasubramani Rajaram, 48…

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