From Ken Ditkowsky–how do you become a victim of corruption?

From Ken Ditkowsky

How do you become a victim?    The elements are avarice coupled to a corrupt attorney, allied with a venal (and fixable) judge who supervises and appoints venal (and fixable) corrupt attorneys *****.    See the Cook County case of Mary Sykes 09 P 4585.  See also the evidence deposition of Judge Connors (the presiding Judge in the Sykes case) on page 91 wherein she admits that she was wired.    No jurisdiction was required.   Mary was literally swept off the street, hustled out of the County so that she could be isolated, abused, doped, robbed and deprived of all liberty and property rights!    A million dollars in gold coins just disappeared!   Three million in all of assets disappeared tax free and inventory free.   All discovery quashed.  All investigations by the authorities, the AG, the FBI and the ARDC refused.
How do the corrupt public…

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