From Ken Ditkowsky –ISBA article on appointment of Guardian

Terrorism takes many forms.     An entity created by the Supreme Court of Illinois that ignores the law and joins in a conspiracy to protect the miscreants who are using the guardianship law to elder cleanse senior citizens is a front line terrorist organization.
In 2004 the Illinois Bar Association published a short course in Guardianship law.    It stated:
Government Lawyers Newsletter
The newsletter of the ISBA’s Standing Committee on Government Lawyers
A short course on guardianship appointment and service
Editors’ Note: This article is the second in what is hoped to be a series of articles written by government lawyers with expertise in an area of law in which family and friends often pose questions. We welcome additional articles in this regard.
In a previous article, I reviewed advanced directives and how they may be utilized.* This article will look at what happens when…

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