From Jan Levin–is Whole Foods harboring a Sex Offender?

From   Jill Soderman and Jan Levin.  As many of you know, my three biggest areas of complaint–that no one apparently wants to touch are corruption and resultant inaction in 1) guardianship; 2) custody where false charges and reports fly all over the place and 3) sexual assault where the crime is seldom reported and authorities refuse to process rape test kits and sex rings and human trafficking flourish.  The sex rings are so notorious, the Vatican has class actions against priests and the Vatican fights them instead of paying what is due victims and taking care of their needs. (See movie–Inside the Vatican and Attacking the Devil, now on netflix)

read on, and thanks so much for doing these investigations, ladies

Nancy Levine

Is Whole Foods co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey an accomplice to child sexual abuse? Mackey released a statement this week, declaring…

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