From Ken Ditkowsky–how the ARDC persecutes the honest and covers up for the elite

And the citizens lose in the end.

We have seen Kangaroo trials at the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission, and the Probate Division of the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois.    The miscreants are so proud of their accomplishment of elder cleansing so many here in Illinois that they even brag about it, and nothing upsets the great unwashed.     
In case you have forgotten, in the Alice Gore case the miscreants went so far as to investigate her mouth, and when they discovered that there was gold in her filings, they took out 29 teeth to salvage a few grains of the gold metal.     In the Mary Sykes case they not ignored all the protections provided for the Guardianship Act,, Illinois Constitution (Article 1), statutes, the bill of rights etc and robbed the estate of 3 million dollars before disposing of their victim…

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