Good Christian woman who lost everything in probate in need of storage

A good Christian woman lost everything in probate, her home, her bank account and her paid up car, is now in a horrible place without sufficient food and clothes and needs some money for urgent necessary living expenses.

She is asking for $70 per month to help her out, if you can do so, that would be very nice, please let me know.

You can donate by paypal, credit card at paypal to, or text a check to 773-255-7608 or fax one to 312-553-1307.  This is one person I hope to help when I get to Washington and demand that all the money taken by probate attorneys, the OPG and court room vendors be returned to the victim and they be assigned an Elder Assistant volunteer that just helps the elderly pay bills and make decisions.

Any amount would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Please mark your donation “Christian woman”

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