From Ken Ditkowsky –the Outrageous actions of Jerome Larkin, Administrator of the Illinois ARDC

To: Cook County States Attorney <>,
Subject: Fw: Guardianship fraud cases Illinois & California – no different than WA State
Date: Jul 1, 2016 3:55 PM
As this outrage on the part of Jerome Larkin is so obscene and so obnoxious to democratic government I want everyone to be aware of the lack of concern for the Rule of Law that is being exhibited by the Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary commission at this point in time.    
The posturing and subterfuge that are so evident in investigations concerning ******** are then things that stand out in infamy and history.   However, they do not exist in a vacuum.
Here in Illinois the Administrator of the IARDC inadvertently, due to his absolute arrogance, got caught dipping into public funds to pay unlicensed Court reporters who: 1) he should not have engaged in the first place; and, 2)…

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