From RoseAnne Miller–happy father’s day!

Happy father’s day for all of you that are either dads, or were like a dad to a child.  Some people even posted “happy father’s day” to doggie dads and kitties.  Whatever works, in my book.  I know there are many banned today by court appointed probate court cochroaches, and those who, like Roseanne, had dads murdered in probate court.  We are trying our best to educate, inform, and warn the public.

from Roseanne:

For Father’s Day (Editorial from Rosanna Miller)

The following is a guest editorial from Rosanna Miller:A month ago I was stranded in Bellefontaine. My vehicle broke down and my cell phone had no service. I bought a pay by the minute cell phone at Dollar General on Sandusky Ave. Clerks Diana and Erica were so accommodating to help me get the phone activated as I had no way to do that…

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