From Sunita Holdread–Judge Persky Cal. admonished for lax sentence

This judge clearly needs to be impeached if he is not disciplined earlier and removed from the bench. The comments from the father are equally disgusting about rape and the kid should probably sue his father for raising him with highly questionable morals and ethics.
Backlash Over Stanford Sexual Assault Case Sets Judges, Advocates on Edge
Brock, a former Stanford swimmer, was convicted of 3 counts of felony sexual assault on a 22-year-old young woman on the Stanford campus following a party on January 18, 2015. Brock was in court for his sentencing. (Dan Honda/Bay Area News Group) 
If there is one thing that lawyers, legal academics and judges agree on about the Aaron Persky controversy, it is this: They’ve never seen anything like it.
Persky, a Santa Clara Superior Court judge, has served in relative obscurity for more than a decade. Now, his name is a Twitter…

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