From Roseanne Miller for Father’s Day

Dear Editor, (for Father’s Day) -~
A month ago I was stranded in Bellefontaine. My vehicle broke down and my cell
phone had no service. I bought a pay by the minute cell phone at Dollar General on
Sandusky Rd. Clerks Diana and Erica were so accommodating to help me get the
phone activated as I had no way to do that. They spent over THREE (3) hours to
help me activate four phones while waiting on customers simultaneously. It took so
long because we come to learn this particular brand’s sims cards were outdated.
This prompted my thoughts to question how my “disabled” Dad was living 700 ft
from Dollar General in his own home being isolated, manipulated, exploited,
abused, living in filth, hording, and cat feces for 6 years. The entire Bellefontaine
and Logan County gov’t agencies knew this yet they refused to accommodate Dad
to aid him…

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