Exciting new blog–Rockford Fraud by John Bystrom


John Bystrom has been very active in uncovering fraud and corruption in Rockford–the type of news mega media just won’t print, but everyone in town knows it is going on and on and on. The state’s attorneys won’t touch it, the FBI in Rockford won’t touch it, but John Bystrom has been investigating and publishing and now has his own blog–a blog for sure you won’t want to miss.

Rockford fraud exposed

Rockford fraud exposed

My name is Jonathan Bystrom. I am from Rockford, Illinois. The frauds of Rockford have become so numerous, I am forced to excercise my First Amendment rights for my protection. I hope this effort helps myself, as well as others, who have found themselves on the receiving end of Rockford’s frauds.

In the coming months, I will inform you of what I have witnessed in what I refer to as Rockford Fraud’s Greatest Hits.

In the meantime, please…

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