Today we remember all the attorneys that lost their license by protecting your First Amendment rights and the disableds

Lawyers have taken an oath to uphold the constitutions of the US and their own state.  We don’t “take up arms” because we know that the only time there is a win for a democracy it is done in a legislature or in a courtroom, generally a Federal District Courtroom, and yet the small person has been banned for most suits in Federal District Court.

Something has to change. We spend $2 billion per day on the Pentagon, while our rights are being slowly eroded away in the US and State courtrooms.  I recall when the judges were very interested in justice and would brag about how they helped the common guy.  Now the judges to your face brag about how they next have a $50 million case up next before them and your damages are pennies, so please get out of the way.

What happened?  Well I think I…

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