From Ken Ditkowsky on preparing Appellate documents

To: Sunita Advaney <>
Cc: JoAnne M Denison <>
Subject: Re: Motion to Reconsider
Date: May 17, 2016 10:42 AM
You are correct, however, it is quite obvious that the Supreme Court of Illinois is not going to grant the petition under any circumstances – unless the individual judges feel they they might have a bit of culpability.   Threatening Judges is not useful or practical, except, when the fix is in – as it is in these cases you have to send the message.   
How do you do it?
Answer:  it is probably a losing proposition, but you have to very subtlety point out that the proceedings were absurd and so devoid of due process that further appeal is going to occur.  AND if you get the raw end of the shaft – the end is not in sight.
Does this work?   Ultimately…

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