From Ken Ditkowsky–the Indiana Judge did not do his job, or the attorneys present

Subject: Re: Lahrman’s arrest on fictitious illegal summons and warrants
Date: Apr 13, 2016 10:14 AM
I was not thinking of double jeopardy.    
My approach was more straight forward than that.
The State of Indiana sought to try him ex-parte.   On the record, based upon the laboratory report and the Brady rule the laboratory report is fixed in concrete.  They did not find the controlled substance.   They found evidence of plant that they knew or should have known and the judge knew or should have known to be used in the making of rope.   It is also called ‘hemp’   It is not illegal to possess, own, trade, or otherwise use hemp.    It is illegal to have in your possession with certain intents a controlled substance named THC.  No THC, no conviction.
The judge being fully aware of the lack of this…

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