From Ken Dikowsky–why he does not write a book–

because no one would believe it.

he’s right.  you could not in a million years make this stuff up.

To: Eric Holder <>, “FBI- ( (” <>, Chicago FBI <>, Probate Sharks <>, Tim NASGA <>,
Subject: Why do I not write a book!
Date: Apr 11, 2016 2:51 PM
Just when you think you have heard everything and saw everything a very credible source tells you something that curls your hair.   What you are told cannot be true – yet it is!   Such is the lawyer’s lot.
Let me give you an example.   The Alice Gore case was reportedly managed by a guardian ad litem who had the Judge in her back pocket. (so to speak)   The judge was so out of it or so unconcerned with her duties as to appoint as a guardian an individual who was mentally…

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