From Ken Ditkowsky to Atty Gen. Loretta Lynch

To: Eric Holder <>,
Subject: Fw: Book review on new guardianship book
Date: Mar 17, 2016 7:43 PM
Attorney General Lynch –
I am forwarding this e-mail to you to demonstrate that my e-mails are not lone Cries in the Wilderness.   Nationwide, the elderly and the disabled who have a few dollars in their jeans are being exploited.   Elder Cleansing is a way of life for the corrupt and amoral political and judicial elite who prey on the aforesaid elderly and disabled and their families.
Florida, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, California, Pa, Ohio ***** all have the same problem.   As I live in Illinois, I’ve had the opportunity to witness some of the most disreputable of the miscreants including Jerome Larkin, the administrator of the Illinois Attorney Disciplinary Commission (IARDC).    The GAO has written four reports to congress and they all can be…

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