Suspension from NC–the system of corruption is endemnic!

To:, Illinois ARDC <>……
Subject: Suspension for 3 year from NC
Date: Mar 15, 2016 5:13 AM
Dear Mike
I was recently served with your notice of suspension.  See attached.
I have to tell you that I was extremely disappointed in your conduct as an attorney and officer of the court of North Carolina.
I invite you to read my blog about probate corruption and in particular the case of Mary G Sykes, which I was disciplined over.  She was targeted, her estate was drained, she was isolated from 20+ friends and family, including a beloved and long time care giver her daughter, Gloria Sykes.  Almost all of her estate went to attorneys fees and she was drugged and placed in repeated nursing homes against her will.  It is utterly not true that there was…

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