First Amendment Retaliation for running this blog

Dear Readers;

An old friend wrote me lately and asked which statutes were violated in my disciplinary case and I responded as follows (and I want to thank S for the question).

Feel free to use these in your pleadings where you speak out for a loved one, but you are falsely arrested on bogus charges.

You are told to “shut up” in probate or divorce court.

You are told “we don’t do things that way down here” (referring to no due process, no notice, no summons or complaint, no time for discovery and no hearing)

You are told to get your comments off of social media and don’t make any comments on this (corrupt) case.

Dear S;

You asked a good question about why an honest lawyer is being disciplined, and what laws and statutes protect a lawyer who is  whistleblower.  You may wish to review these statutes and…

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