Three great new books from Janet Pipes

From: Janet Pipes <>
Sent: Mar 4, 2016 11:38 AM
To: ….
Subject: Three books together present a case for corruption throughout the U.S. family court system.

This year I received information about these books from ………… that have been recently published:

VENDETTA:  Cleveland Ohio and America’s Archipelago of Legal Failure

Details how honest lawyers are disciplined by the various state bar associations for telling the truth about corruption.

THE WORST INTERESTS OF THE CHILD:  The Trafficking of Children and Parents Through U.S. Family Courts

Details how abused children are profitable for family courts

GUARDIANSHIP:  How Judges and Lawyers Steal Your Money

Details the rampant corruption in the family courts related to the elderly and disabled.

Attached is information on each of these books.  Our children, elderly and disabled are “profit centers” for corrupt courts, and attorneys who speak against the corruption are severely sanctioned.  Not even Stephen Spielberg could write…

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