Very Troubling: Rockland Judge gives advice to one party ex parte from bench and allows perjured testimony from lawyers and litigant

Susan Carrington’s custody case took another troubling turn when she alleged in a New York Appeal’s Court that the judge who originally handled her case provided ex-parte advice to her ex-husband, John McNelis, in a hearing in 2010.
According to a February 3, 2016, appeal filed with New York’s Supreme Court, on May 7, 2010, John McNelis along with his attorney, Scott Ugell, entered the Rockland County Family Court Room of then Judge William Warren and began discussing issues related to custody with his ex-wife, Susan Carrington. The three began having a conversation without Carrington’s presence who was in Washington D.C. at the time.
McNelis was appearing in Rockland County though a Maryland Court had already issued a full ruling on their divorce and granted the couple joint custody. At the hearing McNelis told…

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