Listen to Ken Ditkowsky–on air tonight 5 pm CST–Disciplined Lawyer series

Atty Ken Ditkowsky will be on air tonight talking about his wrongful discipline of a 4 year suspension for talking about the Mary G Sykes 09 P 4585 case in Cook County where an elderly 90 year old woman was held against her will in a 5 year guardianship, and after millions were stripped illegally from her assets, the money was gone and she was narcotized to death.

check out at 5 pm and click on Andy Ostrowski show.

From Ken:
Subject: Our discussion scheduled for tonight.

Every lawyer when he is sworn in by the State Supreme Court agrees to and takes an oath to defend the Constitution.   The lawyers who reside in the nadir of the profession have trouble finding jobs doing real live law work and thus the bottom level obtain employment at the Lawyer disciplinary commissions.   It is thus to be expected that…

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