69 year old woman raped at Illinois nursing home and no one is responsble?


From Ken Ditkowksy, this appears to be business as usual in Illinois nursing homes where a 21 year old felon and nursing home employee raped a 69 year old woman, and no one is responsible.  For sometime now, Ken has been telling everyone the way the nursing homes operate to perpetrate frauds and conspiracies that Medicare and Medicaid cannot trace is they slice up ownership of the nursing home businesses into a string of corporations.  In the US, unlike Europe, there is no space on the incorporation form or annual reports for the simple phrase “true owner of corporation”, ie, just who the heck is in charge or control of this operation?  Who is the major shareholder?  If the corporation bilks the elderly and kills them off, hires a felon to clean, but that felon instead rapes and beats an older woman, who will answer to those charges and take…

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