From Tim Lahrman–an open letter to Advocates

I wish to thank Tim for writing this wonderful letter regarding the state of guardianship.

I also want many to note that Tim writes as well or better than most lawyers, especially in guardianship.


Catherine Falk, Marcia Southwick, Kerry Kasem

In re: Legislative Proposal

Dear fellow advocates,

With all sincerity I applaud your efforts, bravery and dedication to bringing about change in the practices of adult guardianship and elder care. I know the story of each of you and in spite of what might be our differences in how to go about bringing change, the one thing I believe we all stand in unity on is that this madness we know and have experienced has to stop.

Our parents and disabled loved ones’ deserve better, and with this in mind I wish to propose the following legislative effort I would support. MANDATORY appeal of all guardianship appointments1 — and…

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